Caring Cannot be Quarantined!

Yahui Cathy Yang, SEP Job Coach
* Cathy is in the top row in the middle

What a year 2020 was!

I am so grateful that I am freely-able to work, breathe, and live under this circumstance.  The pandemic has led many of us to face a mountain of obstacles. I personally have been through unemployment, unexpected diagnosis, and a terrible bill loss.  Sometimes I felt a wave had not settled, and another wave rose again.  Making peace with troubles is not an easy coping situation, however, compared to others, I am lucky enough. At least I have a home to shelter.

During the shelter in place order, whenever I stopped by FCSN, there has always been staff there.  I truly appreciate the management team’s hard work. They have tried so hard to keep our program running smoothly and providing wonderful remote services to our clients.  I can tell that all of the staff put in extra efforts to prepare good, quality curriculum, so our clients can grow and develop to achieve their potentials. 

I admire that some of our staff have been willing to take risks to job coach our clients who are essential workers.  I am always looking forward to having a Zoom class with our clients once a week.  I can feel that the clients like to see each other. Although they can’t give each other a real hug, I can see they care about each other just as they do when they see each other in person. Missing each other is the hardest part for them at this moment. 

Because of COVID-19, I am learning to let go of things over which I have no control.  At the same time, I am learning to embrace change, embrace technology, and embrace challenges.  These have not come easily. I know there will still be bumps in the road, but learning to let go and embracing the new norm have given me better focus and peace of mind.  Hence, I am spreading a little joy to all of you, because CARING CANNOT BE QUARANTINED! May this article find you and yours in good health and spirits.

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