Bringing Smiles To Our Seniors

By Kevin Normandin and family
This article was originally published in FCSN EBADP/LIFE – A Quarterly Newsletter

One night I was watching the evening news with my mom. One of the stories was about a very young girl who had made hundreds of cards for a local senior home.

Because of the Covid 19 virus the seniors were not allowed to have any visitors. A lot of them were very lonely. But when they received the girl’s homemade cards you could see how happy they were.

At the time I was on the LIFE Client Council. I told them about what I saw on the news and we watched a video about it. If we could get everyone involved we could make a lot of cards and make many senior’s day much brighter and hopefully put a smile on their face. The Client Council discussed it and voted yes to move forward on this idea. We got the okay to work on this project.

During our LIFE Wednesday art class Ms. Rhoda showed us how to make cards and suggested what we should write in them. Everyone could make as many cards as they wanted. When the clients finished the cards they were either mailed to FCSN or dropped off at the center. Once all the cards are received they will be delivered to a local senior home.

It was a fun project.

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