FCSN Futures- Alice Jen

The FCSN Futures series celebrates the amazing journey and accomplishments of special needs individuals who are graduating this year. 

Our second graduate is Alice Jen, a long-time member of FCSN who has graced the organization with her presence since she was as young as five years old, right after her family moved to Fremont.

At FCSN, her favorite class was the cooking class because it allowed her to both learn to make and enjoy her favorite foods — a perfect combination, since she is a self-proclaimed food connoisseur. She also loved FCSN’s summer camps and the activities they offered, including the holiday parties, which came with great performances and yummy treats; what’s more, Alice has had experience performing and showing off the musical talents she’s learned at such performances.

Reflecting upon her time at FCSN, Alice realizes that she’s truly grown up with this organization, and she looks forward to continuing her journey with FCSN by participating in the organization’s Adult Day Program.

Alice on a dock and playing the piano

While she may be nervous about moving on to the next leg of her life, she knows that the support of her teachers, mentors, classmates, and friends will help her to succeed.

Congratulations to Alice and good luck in the Adult Day Program!

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