FCSN GYVers 2021- Katherine Liu

In FCSN Voices’ 2021 GYVers campaign, we are proud to honor the graduating high school seniors who have contributed so much to the success of FCSN’s programs.

Leigh High School graduate Katherine Liu volunteered with FCSN throughout her high school years. Here is an account of her experience volunteering at FCSN.

“I started volunteering at FCSN in my sophomore year, when I joined the LEGO class. As I guided students in constructing their LEGO projects and saw the students’ joy when their projects worked, I knew I wanted to continue volunteering at FCSN. Since I enjoy art, during the shelter-in-place, I started a series of drawing videos and I also taught art through the virtual 1:1 tutoring program. I really enjoyed seeing my student share my love for art and his improvement through each class. Last year, along with our other instructors, I helped start math and science classes for FCSN students. We planned out a curriculum that would teach concepts that would be applicable in daily life, like measurements and money for math, and we covered a variety of science subjects, like biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Each class, we also designed an activity or experiment to do, so that we could share informative math and science ideas while also having fun; we celebrated Halloween with a Halloween-themed Bingo game and Valentine’s Day with a Play-Doh model of the heart. I am grateful to FCSN for the opportunity to meet the students I love so much and look forward to seeing every week, and I’m glad that I have been able to share the things I love — art, math, and science — with these students.”

In the future, Katherine will study math and computer science in college. We thank her for her contributions and wish her luck in the future!

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