FCSN’s Fremont Center Named “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center”

By Isabella He, FCSN Voices Advisor

From a performance by FCSN’s Dream Achievers to a ceremonial ribbon cutting event, the FCSN Fremont Center Naming Ceremony and Press Conference was full of excitement and celebration. On April 12, 2022, FCSN unveiled a new name for their first Fremont Center: “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center” to honor Dr. Chenming and Margaret Hu for their on-going support and latest donation of half a million dollars to FCSN to help build better programs and improve its facilities. Center Naming Ceremony featured a musical performance, VIP guests, presentations, unveiling of the new sign, lunch, tour, and Q&A sessions.

Aside from serving as FCSN Chairman from 2016-18, Dr. Hu is a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Distinguished UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus who has won numerous awards and is considered a microelectronics visionary. Both Dr. Hu and Margaret Hu have been active on the FCSN Board for many years. Chenming and Margaret’s son, Raymond, is a talented artist who has been participating in FCSN programs for more than 20 years.  Dr. Hu presented at the ceremony, saying, “we are so moved by the amazing amount of time and energy that the volunteer leaders have devoted to this wonderful cause. We really hope that this is a small encouragement for many more to … help this cause continue to go on to help more children and adults for a long long time to come.” Margaret Hu seconded Chenming’s gratitude to the volunteers at FCSN: “[FCSN] has been helping people help people … Raymond loves living here … I’m very happy that he will find his life and friends here.”

The event was well-attended by the media, guests, and FCSN team members including FCSN Co-Chairs Yee-Yeen Wang and Jim Chiao, President CK Lee, Vice President Anna Wang, Executive Director Sylvia Yeh, CFO Lilian Lin, and Board Members Linmin Hu and Albert Wang. FCSN Co-Chair Jim Chiao commented on the start of Dream Project and how the dream has transformed into the organization FCSN is today, “the dream project was … to build the center, to build programs, and to build a community for families with special needs. It’s always amazing to me that this center, we call it the dream center … has never had an official name; but thanks to Chenming and Margaret Hu’s contributions, today we have the opportunity to name it the Chenming and Margaret Hu Center.”  

The ceremony also attracted distinguished VIP guests, including the Fremont city mayor Lily Mei, vice mayor Raj Salwan, councilmembers Teresa Keng and Shao Yang, and TECO Director General Scott Lai. City of Fremont Mayor Lily Mei gave a speech to the attendees, stating “in life so many times we have had adversities and challenges, but what I’m most proud of is that the Chinese American community coming together … because it’s not about what we do individually, it’s about what we do as a community to respond … this beautiful center that we often call the ‘dream center’ that now has an actual name will allow us to continue the services [such as] health, physical fitness, and classes not just for individuals but for families.”

The event was an exciting step forward in FCSN’s dream of building a community for special needs children, successfully bringing together prominent members of city leadership, FCSN management, and guests committed to FCSN’s mission.

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